• "Studio Italiano" is an Italian language courses and private classes for those who are interested in conversational Italian and who wish to become familiar with the language prior to visiting Italy.
  • Private lessons with a teacher of Italian language based on the art communication program. Italian language schools offer opportunity to learn how freely use the Italian in all situations of everyday life.
  • Language learning: courses, audio, video and tests, including the alphabet, phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, activities and tests. Key questions about language learning: why learn a language? Which language to learn? How to learn a language?
  • Private linguistic school was developed in an attempt to combine modern functional grammar and cognitive linguistics with the best ideas and concepts of the earlier structuralist school. How we learn languages today is far removed from how we learned languages say in the 19XX's. Modern linguistic courses are based on modern scientific discoveries of the human brain.
  • Practice your italian all day, thanks to special courses and extracurricular activities; intensive and extensive italian language courses in small groups; individual and semi-private italian courses. Count on the school assistance for any problem you might have during your study.