• The most radical, visionary and one of the most complex science fiction writers writer was born in Canada in 1912. Alfred van Vogt wrote many brilliant novels as The World of Null-A, The Weapon Shops of Isher, Empire of the Atom, The Monster, Point Omega, and many wonderful others. He said many of his ideas came from dreams.
  • The quintessential author of over 500 books that enlightened, entertained, and popularized the realm of human knowledge. Isaac Asimov is the author of the classic I, Robot series; The Stars, Like Dust; The End of Eternity and The Foundation Trilogy. Asimov's nonfiction science books for lay readers are noted for their lucidity and humour.
  • Did ever think about talant, about the essence of talent, its mechanism or how talant makes its appearance? Talent nature is a completely independent investigation, which resulted in a working - a model of talent. The model, which allows almost every one of you to break the level of those idols, on which day you see a bottom-up as chosen destiny and luck. "There is a parable: about a boy who could fly. But the others were harassing his flights."