About Twitter OAuth library

Favorite Links directory supports Twitter OAuth authenticating protocol that allows Twitter users to give an access to their Twitter accounts for web-based services and applications without sharing their logins and passwords. OAuth gives users flexible mechanism to grant a third-party application access to their account without having to provide that application with their credentials. It also allows users to selectively revoke an application's access to their account.

The apps you revoke never had your password, so it's your decision whether they can get to your account. Using OAuth puts the user in control - if you ever wish to stop using some application, you can disable it through Twitter instead of trusting an application to stop using your login information.

Be careful with giving 3rd-party applications and services read/write access to your Twitter account!

Now you are able to update your Twitter status via Favorite Links so your followers keep informed about all the links and updates you submit to our directory. Just say no to giving away your Twitter password!

Download Twitter library with OAuth here.

It's very important that you read the new documentation for the library if you want to post your link updates on Twitter via FavoriteLinks.net.